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One of PC Gamer's best free games of the week!

Steer your hoverbike through a beat-synchronized, serpentine martian landscape, at outrageous speeds, while jamming to the sounds of the future. Don't crash.

Super Murderwolf was made by @thisislux and @noxsucks of Purple Pwny Studios in 13 days for #spacecowboygamejam.


  • A or left arrow: Lean left
  • D or right arrow: Lean right
  • Spacebar: Continue


  • Obstacles always alternate between sides of the screen, and so should your inputs. If you last leaned left, your next action should probably be to lean right.
  • Notice that each particular batch of obstacles is taken at a different speed. Look at the ground between batches to see whether you're accelerating or decelerating in order to anticipate where you should position yourself in order to survive the next batch.
  • Listen to the rhythm, but don't take it for granted; your movements will only synchronize when executed from the ideal location.
  • Focus on the inner tips of the triangular obstacles. As they pass you is when you should move.
  • The large triangular obstacles are timed as half notes, the smaller triangles are quarter notes, and the fences are eighth notes.


Super Murderwolf draws from many influences, including, Star Wars Episode I: Racer, Wipeout,  F-Zero, Super Hexagon, and Pivvot.